Sculpture and stonemasonry workshop


As an early childhood recollection, pressed up against shop windows on a pitch-black, ice-cold February morning. The pressure from the giant drums was transmitted to the panes of glass in the narrow mediaeval alleyways of Lucerne, accentuating the ghastly masks of the mask companies as they rocked through the town. Shivers and horrors, but also fun and games. A recurring theme throughout life with speculation about the mask as ritual disguise, concealing he true face or being worn as the soul people do not otherwise venture to display.

The journey to the mask leads to many places: To African masks, to the Inuit, to commedia dell'arte, to Japanese No theatre and Greek tragedy and, sure enough, even to the mediaeval mask guild of Lucerne in Switzerland.

Collective human intellectual property, all about what we want to show and what we want to hide?